Acute Systematic Clinical Emergency Response and Treatment

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Welcome to ASCERT.

Acute Systematic Clinical Emergency Response and Treatment  of acutely ill patients

The Acute Systematic Clinical Emergency Response and Treatment, or ASCERT, program is an intensive 2-day course that is designed for medical professionals who deal directly with patients. ASCERT is primarily engineered for junior doctors in Foundation Year 2 and early core/specialist training years. However, other medical professionals who have a direct role in patient assessment may also register. If you would like to improve the outcome of your treatment of acutely ill patients, ASCERT is almost certainly the right option for you. We take pride in the success that our pupils have in the field and we look forward to seeing you in an upcoming ASCERT session. If you have questions regarding the program, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

ASCERT is open to junior doctors in Foundation Year 2 and  early core/ specialist training years. ASCERT also is open to those healthcare professionals from other disciplines who have a role in direct patient clinical assessment and care eg Acute Care Team nurses, Advanced Care Practitioners, Prescribing Pharmacists, Enhanced Role Physiotherapists and Emergency Nurse Practitioners. This list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive. Additional observer places (4) are available on each ASCERT course, the experience being almost identical to that of the candidates but without the expectation of running or being tested on clinical scenarios. The principal aim of ASCERT is to enhance and improve the quality and effectiveness of our acute patient care, demonstrated partly in completing and, hopefully, passing this course but also in our on-going clinical performance.